Real-World-Based Projects Engage Students

Real-World-Based Projects Engage Students
Posted on 11/23/2016
Real-World-Based Projects Engage Students Port Angeles, Wash. - Stevens Middle School recently launched a new program for its eighth grade highly capable students. Envision, the name of the program, offers students a unique hands-on educational experience that guides students through the completion of various real-world projects.

provides students with the opportunity to apply knowledge and skills to real-life, out-of-school experiences, engage in in-depth and practical research, and practice important presentation skills that will be useful well into their futures.  The students meet on late-start Wednesday mornings, prior to the start of the school day.

“The excitement and energy created through Envision is tangible and contagious!” remarks Susan Heyer, Highly Capable coordinator for the Port Angeles School District.

The purpose behind the Envision program is "to give students the opportunity to challenge themselves in new and creative ways beyond the standard curriculum." Although the program is currently being implemented with eighth grade students, seventh graders can begin after the winter break.

The first project, Travel Passport, like the other projects in the yearlong program, involves a series of related activities designed to engage high-level thinking. Those activities include creative writing, budgeting, managing space constraints, creating specific plans, mapping, demonstrating creativity, and much more. Student’s progress through the projects by making numerous choices based on research and self-reflection. Career Aspiration and Financial Adventure are the next two projects.

The Travel Passport participants will host an “Expo” on Tuesday, November 29, 6:00-7:00 p.m., at Peninsula Community College’s Pirate Union Building. Students, parents, and invited community members can view the students' projects and Envision students will have the opportunity to share their learning experiences. 

“The Expos are the most exciting part of the program," says Melanie Bondy, author and publisher of Envision. "This is where students and community come together to celebrate the hard work and creativity the students have put into their projects." 

Mind Vine Press, Bondy's publishing company, was founded after Bondy took time off from teaching to stay at home with her son. Originally developed for gifted students, Envision has evolved into a sophisticated, multi-disciplinary program that can be made available to all students in the classroom.  Since its initial publication in 2007, it is being used across the nation in various classroom settings. Envision is rapidly gaining attention as an innovative, practical, and affordable solution to providing unique challenges to students.

More information about Envision can be found at http://www.mindvinepress.com/ 

For personal interview, product photo, author photo, or press kit, please contact Melanie Bondy at melanie@mindvinepress.com.   

Susan Heyer, Highly Capable Coordinator
Port Angeles School District
905 West 9th Street, Port Angeles, WA