Natural Helpers Offer Assistance

Natural Helpers Offer Assistance
Posted on 11/22/2016
Natural Helpers Offer AssistanceFor about 30 years, Natural Helpers have been assisting others with challenges at Stevens Middle School. A new group of 40 student Natural Helpers now continues this tradition.

This year’s Natural Helpers were provided the knowledge and skills to take care of themselves first and then help others at a Natural Helper Training Retreat held October 12 through the 14th at Camp David, Jr. 

“My Natural Helpers experience was very enjoyable and moving. I learned many important skills and tools to solve conflict and become a better Natural Helper. The instructors found hands-on ways to teach us skills - like a trust exercise where a person led us around outside while you closed your eyes and a fast-paced training about put-downs where we read an insult and the trainer came back with a constructive comeback. It was very fun!” 

“I took away many skills from this experience - conflict management, leadership skills, and general skills to help kids with issues that might arise. This experience has made me a much better problem solver and I look forward to helping my fellow students.” Jesse Driese

“Natural Helpers was a good training that taught each student selected ways to be a leader, how to be trustworthy, and how to help somebody who is having a problem with bullying, friends, family, or school. Something that I learned at Natural Helpers is the helping skill. This is a great skill to have when somebody looks sad, is crying, looks mad, or is even sitting by themselves. Also, I learned that if there is a huge problem or concern like suicide when you are talking to that person you need to go get help from an adult. If it is a problem like a girlfriend-boyfriend break then you can help take care of that problem. We learned what to do and how to get help depending on what the situation is. I wish everyone had the opportunity to have Natural Helper training. Not only would more kids be trained, but it might reduce stress in students’ lives.” Anne Edwards

“I learned many, many skills from this educational camp. One of the main focuses on the first day of camp was no labels or negative talk to your peers or anyone. We went over these words and how they affect others. The second day we really focused on trusting others and the problems within our school, and brainstormed on how to solve these community problems. We practiced trust with people we just met and we also went over the problem kids at Stevens felt most serious and how and what to do to help out. The third and last day we focused on scenarios, what to do and how to handle it. The Natural Helpers were given situations and were given the options to help solve or refer to adult. I appreciated that we had many hours of training and learned many valuable skills. We had sufficient game time and free time and had a great camp experience with friends.” Jason Kibe

Accompanying photo shows, left to right, Natural Helpers Jesse Driese, Jason Kibe and Anne Edwards during the Camp David Jr. Training.

Photo Credit:  Port Angeles School District

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