Honor Society Gets Involved

Honor Society Gets Involved
Posted on 11/01/2017
Honor Society Gets InvolvedOn Saturday 20 Stevens Middle School Honor Society students volunteered their time to serve their community at the Peninsula Pre-Three Cooperative Harvest Carnival. These students worked hard setting up the activity for the community, running activity stations, and cleaning up. The community saw how helpful and caring our students are as they guided very young children at the activity stations and interacted with caregivers.
Of significance is that the program is run by Peninsula College to guide parents of children yet to enter education, and running the activities at the middle of the education process, were our students contributing to their community. The way our middle schoolers interacted with kindness and responsibility toward the young children brought smiles to the faces of parents and other community members at the event.
The Harvest Carnival raises money for the Peninsula Pre-Three Cooperative. Peninsula Pre-Three is a parent-run cooperative preschool affiliated with Peninsula College’s Family Life Education Program. The program is for parents, grandparents, and caregivers with young children to come with their child for a wide variety of activities led by an experienced Early Childhood Education teacher from Peninsula College. This program has been offering services to parents of young children on the Peninsula for more than 30 years.