Prevention Club Students on KONP

Prevention Club Students on KONP
Posted on 10/24/2017
Prevention Club Students on KONPStevens Middle School Prevention Club students were recently guests on the air with Todd Ortloff on KONP Radio to talk about Red Ribbon Week, an anti- drug/alcohol program at their school.  “We stand for Positive Peer Pressure,” said Anne Edwards, co-chair of the Prevention Club. “We want to be that group of friends that stays away from drugs.”

“It’s easier sometimes to talk to someone their own age when they have a problem, “explained Heidi Williams, public relations officer.

When Ortloff asked about signs of trouble in peers, Nathan Siler, co-chair, said, “If the student is skipping classes, hanging out with the wrong people, that could be a sign of drug use.”

“It feels good to know that we’re helping others,” said Edwards.

“You’re doing tremendous work,” Ortloff told the young crew.

Prevention Club emphasizes personal responsibility by focusing on living a healthy, drug-free life.  “It’s our mission to continue to effectively maintain a drug and alcohol-free environment for all youth,” explained Leeann Peterson, Certified Prevention Specialist and Prevention Club’s adult leader.

Prevention Club has planned a week of fun activities during Red Ribbon Week, October 23 – 27, aimed at encouraging student participation and getting their anti-drug/alcohol message out to their peers at the middle school.

Prevention Club has several activities they will be coordinating during the 2017-18 school year.  The club promotes inclusion of all students, and is the only club in the school that does not limit the number of students who participate.  “Creating a culture of inclusiveness allows youth to feel empowered,” said Peterson.  “Students gain vital skills, responsibilities and confidence to become productive and healthy adults.”

Prevention Club receives support from the YMCA and Elwha Healthy Youth Coalition.

Listen to the podcast with Todd Ortloff: Todd Ortloff Show October 17 2017

Group photo:  Stevens Middle School students and officers of the Prevention Club (from left) Nathan Siler (Co-Chair), Anne Edwards (Co-Chair), Jordan Roark (Treasurer), and Heidi Williams (Public Relations Officer) just before going on air at KONP radio station in downtown Port Angeles.

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